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A new roof without all the expense........?


If you live in the Hertfordshire, Essex or London area and are considering having a roof coating applied to your roof tiles after cleaning it is recommended that you only use a trained and experienced professional to complete the work.


Shield will provide you with a free assesment and a no obligation quotation for your consideration?



As part of the assesment we will outline to you any roof repairs that will need completing before cleaning and coating begins which will ensure your roof not only looks good but works as oprignially designed.


Moss Removal


Before work commences on your property will will first ensure the protection of yours and your neighbours surrounding property


Prior to application of the roof coating your roof will have been cleared of any loose moss, cleaned and washed with a biocide wash to kill and remaining moss and lichens attached to the roof.


Once applied a roof coating can provide protection for your roof rom oss lichens and weathering for upto 10 years and sometimes much longer.


How much does Roof Coating cost?


Roof coating will vary in cost from one property to the next depending on the remedial work required bring the roof to a working standard, size of the roof and access.


Our initial survey will include a roof inspection to ascertain if there are any minor roof repairs required and the extent of moss removal required before the roof transformation begins.


Roof coating is an additoinal service which many clients opt for to increase the lifespan of their roofing tiles so the cost can be considered as an insurance policy against future problems and in many cases will be substantially cheaper than a full roof replacement.




For advice on weatherproofing your roof please contact us or fill in our quick enquiry form

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