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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning has become more widely neccessary in some parts the UK due to an  increase in air quality. This improved environment can promote excessive growth of moss and lichens on roofs and causing some minor issues and sometimes leading to further more costly issues.


The Roof and Guttering system is an integral and neccessary part of a property that is designed to direct water away from walls and foundations.


The root of many gutter problems stems from excessive moss growth and usually the only way to cure this common roofing problem long term is to enlist a professional moss removal service

Main problems caused by overgrown moss/lichens on roofing:


Moss on a roof would not usually damage the tiles themselves however the tiles are normally fastened to wooden batons at spaced intervals which hold the tiles in place. If a significant amount of moss is present over a long period of time this will mean there is a constant damp environment and could aid the onset of woodrot. A fix for this would normally be a complete new covering on your roof which could be very costly.


Tiles a can be broken, not purely by the physical adherance of moss but during the colder months when freezing occurs expansion of the sitting water can cause breakages and leaks.


Moss does not have roots like normal garden plants to so can easily be detatched by harsh weather resulting in moss and debris rolling down the pitch of the roof and collecting in the guttering system. If not maintained on a regular basis excess moss build up in gutters will become blocked and overflow. Problems arising from this could include damp walls, broken guttering and if left untouched the structural integrity of your home could be at risk with water draining down beside to the house towards the foundations. Could a bit of moss really cause such a serious problem? potentially yes!


Lichens are sometimes confused with moss but are actaully completely different (see image). It would be very rare for Lichens to cause and physical or structural problems although they do on most properties look very unsightly.


Prevention is and always will be better than cure. If moss and Lichens have taken hold of your roof at the very least we recommend a survey to establish if there are any underlying issues.




Our process:


1. Site Survey


2. Provide Quotation


3. Disconnect drainage system


4. Remove mass of moss from roof


5. Complete roof repairs


6. Fungicidal treatments


7. Wash Roof

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