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Hedgehog Gutter Solution

Once and roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and gutter repairs have been performed it is useful to look at preventative measures for safegaurding your property against future problems that could occur from blocked or overflowing gutters.

Help your gutter say no to clutter!

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The hedgehog is a circluar polypropylene brush that whn installed within the gutter channel will prevent the build up and collection of moss and falling debris rom the roof.


Once installed this can prevent the need for a potentially costly moss removal service by redirecting larger particles such as leaves and twigs away from the gutter channel and allowing water to flow into the gutter and along to the downpipe.


The hedgehog is secured in place with specialist hedgehog clips to ensure even in high winds that your gutters work as they are supposed to.  


Th bristle are covered with a protective UV coating and come with a 10 year manufacturer gaurantee.


Gutters could be maintenance free for 5 years +.


Available to fit 95% of gutters in sizes ranging from 50mm - 200mm and in either black, white or brown.


The Hedgehog is a simple and cost effective solution to potentailly big problems caused by leaking, blocked or overflowing gutters.


Please contact us to discuss how we can help improve the homes external well being with moss removal and hedgehog gutter brush.







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